Phyllis J. Bronson, Ph.D.

I am a biochemist who has spent years researching hormones.

Carol Petersen is an extraordinary colleague and we have written together and spoken together at various scientific meetings.

She has an unusual ability to get to the heart of hormone data, which is the arena I know. She is able to draw out fascinating, little known information, this was exemplified in our recent joint letter in Townsend Journal in June 2020 advocating the critical importance of progesterone, and the various pathways.

She is funny, appropriately irreverent and fun to spend time with when, in the old days (BC) we would meet up at conferences, have a glass of wine after a long day, and some Vitamin C.

She has written extensively for the Women’s Health Connection that has been an invaluable asset in the education of women about the molecular differences in hormones, and what that means clinically and notably, has stood up to pharma, and connected organizations, whose interests are not always in the best interest for the emotional and physical health of women.