Hormone Receptors are THE Thing!

selective focus photography of assorted color puzzle pieces, analogy for hormone receptors

Testing for hormones to define how to use them, or how to confirm successful interventions, fails because ultimately we need to know what happens at the hormone receptor. Whether we test the serum or saliva or urine, the real action of hormones occurs at the receptors.   All hormones are alike Conventional practitioners are insisting that … Read more

The Specter of Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance permeates the discussion of hormone therapy and balance, it is not a medical term. Dr. John Lee first introduced the idea of estrogen dominance. It didn’t matter if estrogen levels were too high or normal or even too low. If progesterone was low relative to the estrogen effect, then one could suffer from … Read more

What Lies Beneath The Surface?

person holding a poster

On November 15th, the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography hosted an online conference “What Lies Beneath The Surface?” For the next two weeks, it will still be possible to register and listen to the recorded presentations: https://www.facebook.com/associationofclinicalthermography/ I was honored to provide a lecture on estrogen and breast health. In addition to identifying causes of … Read more