History of Hormone Therapies in Brief

The history of hormone therapies has rich and fascinating past. These therapies, which involve the use of hormones to treat various medical conditions, have evolved significantly over time, with advancements in medical science and technology. History of Hormone Therapies The process of hormone isolation involves extracting specific hormones from bodily fluids or tissues and purifying … Read more

Testing for Steroid Hormones

Testing for Steroid Hormones

Testing for steroid hormones. Most practitioners wish to get an idea of their patient’s steroid hormone status. They would further like to confirm that there is a positive result which can be demonstrate by rechecking testing.  Commercial labs are available to provide measurement of hormones in blood, saliva, urine and even hair and fingernails.  To … Read more

Nitric Oxide and Hormones

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Nitric Oxide and Hormones“Aging is the loss of hormones.Aging is the loss of nitric oxide.”—Beth Shirley RPh CCN Nitric oxide (NO) supports homeostasis in the endothelium. Endothelial cells are cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels or lymphatic vessels. Vascular endothelial cells line the entire circulatory system, from the heart to the smallest … Read more

The Oral Microbiome and Sex Hormones

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We realize that microbes contribute to the state of our health in a major way.   Healthy microbiomes or bacterial colonies contribute valuable short chain fatty acids, vitamins, and immune system protection.   Disordered microbiomes are reflected in oral health.  Periodontal diseases, gingivitis, plaque formation and tongues coated with white candida colonies illustrate that the microbial balance … Read more