PMDD: The Tragedy of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder


PMDD treatment frequently fails to address the underlying need for progesterone. This article reviews how restoring progesterone has fallen off the radar. A few weeks ago, I received this email from Gemma Banks who hosts a Facebook group in the UK. (1) Hi Carol, Firstly, I’d like to say ‘Thank-you’ for everything you do and … Read more

When Women Don’t Like Progesterone

two women sitting in a room

When Women Don’t Like Progesterone Dr. Katharina Dalton had pioneered using progesterone in suppositories or injections in large doses to treat severe PMS. (1)  These women faced monthly havoc with high anxiety, fluid retention, sore breasts, feeling suicidal and homicidal, experiencing seizures, and excruciating migraines.   Research done by Drs. Hargrove and Maxon, (2) demonstrated that … Read more