Immortality Now With Special Guest – Dr. Daved Rosensweet

Dr. Ronald Klatz and Carol Petersen feature an episode of ”Immortality Now” interviewing Dr. Daved Rosensweet on the FDA’s positioning to threaten the availability of compounded bioidentical hormone therapies.  Compounded hormone therapies in various dosage forms – creams, gels, emulsions, capsules, lozenges suppositories, injectables and pellets with single or multiple hormones allow for practitioners to treat each patient’s needs independently.

Compounded bioidentical hormone therapies have now been offered to patients for decades.  Teachers and courses have emerged to coach practitioners to leave their disease-drug training and to return to listening to and observing their patients.  Since hormones are so fundamental to our body’s functioning, relieving deficiencies and modulating excesses can result in astounding improvements.

The disease-drug model is threatened.   A whole host of drugs are no longer needed for sleep, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mental cognition and much more.

Dr. Rosensweet has spent 25 years of his practice to hone in on treating women individually.   He has identified the threat that the NASEM (National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine) committee presents to all of us.   He has spearheaded getting an army of volunteers to reach out to everyone concerned with healthy, successful living.


Listen to this video for a clear explanation of the threat.   Use the web links above to participate and to get more information.  And share, share, share this information because we are all at risk of losing a powerful tool to add life to our years.