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Candida and Hormones – Find Out How These Might Be Affecting You.

Have you ever taken antibiotics, steroids or birth control pills? Or experienced one or two vaginal yeast infections or recurrent thrush?

Do you suffer from bloating, skin rashes, sinus problems, even though you’re doing everything to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle?

Do you feel like sugar controls you?

If you experience any or all of these symptoms, watch this great interview with Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP.

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Candida and Hormones – Find Out How These Might Be Affecting You.

By |June 19th, 2016|Categories: bio-identical, Candida, Hormones, Yeast|Tags: , |

Carol Petersen is an accomplished compounding pharmacist with decades of experience helping patients improve their quality of life through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with [...]

A talk about hormones with Carol Petersen, Part 2

By |January 19th, 2016|Categories: Adrenals, bio-identical, Cortisol, DHEA, Estrogen Dominance, Hormone Balancing, HRT, Medical|Tags: , , , |

By popular demand, we have invited Carol Peterson, BS Pharmacy, to discuss women's hormones and how they change and affect your health. For the [...]

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