Francesca Romina

Carol Petersen has literally saved my life and the life of my mother by her extensive knowledge of hormones. I first spoke to Carol about 25 years ago when I thought I was going to have a heart attack on Christmas eve. After being hysterical and hopping from one doctor to another misdiagnosed, it was Carol who called at midnight to calm me and inform me that she was sure I had an adrenal problem from my symptoms. Further testing concluded Carol was correct. She has guided me through the ups and downs of hormonal problems for decades. That began me on the road to recovery. When my mother almost passed out with 80/50 blood pressure and a low heartrate last year, she worked diligently with my doctor to ascertain a recovery of adrenal insufficiency. Carol is proficient at what almost every doctor misses. Hormones are one of the most difficult medical problems to solve. They require time, patience, constant adjustments, and more than a textbook knowledge. Carol always seem to find a solution as well as recommending supplements to alleviate hormonal problems and symptoms. I know my mother and I could not live without her!