Getting a Lift with Norepinephrine

Many years ago, I picked up and read the book Life Extension by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.  It was a breakthrough conception for me. Rather than just surviving, they wrote that we can optimize both our healthspan and our lifespans.  They offered plenty of evidence that this is reachable.

Life Priority has paired with scientists Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw® and their expertise since 1994 to establish a line of supplements specifically designed to help improve and develop your brain and all its cognitive faculties. These products were created after countless hours of research and testing.  According to Life Priority: “We only use the safest and highest quality ingredients based on Durk and Sandy’s recommendations. With so much care directed toward providing a quality product, our supplements are designed to deliver real results.”

Lift™ and Lift Caps™ were created to help build norepinephrine.  Norepinephrine is a neural transmitter and a hormone produced continuously by nerve cells. Some symptoms and conditions of low norepinephrine include:



Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Memory problems.

Sleeping problems.

Low blood pressure (hypotension)

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Changes in blood pressure, heart rate.

Dopamine beta-hydroxylase deficiency. This rare genetic disease prevents your body from converting dopamine into norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine levels are sustained by exercising regularly, getting regular sleep, eating meats, fish, nuts, eggs and cheese and doing something that makes you happy.  The ingredients in Lift were especially designed for your body to have the building blocks for norepinephrine.

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